Coilin O'Connel

Blood From a Stone

Cóilín O’Connell is a mixed media artist who uses documentation, archives and publishing as a method for creating (science) fictions, garden-variety mythologies and subjective representations.

Blood From a Stone began with an impulse to create an archive of surface scans from Neolithic stone monuments which dot the Irish suburbs. This process led to the gradual production of an analogous collection of photos, videos, books, and drawings. Following in the mold of obsessive UFO enthusiasts, amateur archaeologists and treasure hunters with a desire to find explanations, value and meaning. Through the process of assiduously creating, sourcing and organising a variety of imagery from the scientific to the colloquial a substantial collection was formed. It became clear that a space was needed to present the collection and as with any museum it reveals as much about the social environment it is located within, the hang ups of the curator and our methods of understanding the world.