Cóilín O'Connell

AN SÍD CIBIR (Cyber Cairn)

The story of an Síd Cibir (the Cyber Cairn)! If there is a lie in it, be it so! It is not I who made or invented it!!!

Cyber Cairn takes you inside a disregarded and uncharted court cairn located in the far end of a virtual landscape.


This is a story of a rambler. a rambler whose name has long been forgotten After traveling all day, he began searching for lodgings. It was coming up to dusk and he was tired from his travels, having wandered astray into unfamiliar and strange surroundings.

Not knowing the vicinity or how far it may be until a familiar house in which he could take lodgings might be, he ambled towards a cairn which he spotted in the distance atop of a hill. A corpulent court cairn in a state of bad disrepair. Crushed beer cans littered the entrance, slogans had been daubed on to the cairns lintel stone but were illegible after years sun bleaching.

The rambler felt an anxiety as he approached the large stone monument, the atmosphere had become heavy. A feeling of apprehension came over him as he went to enter the cairn, but he continued onwards as he was exhausted after a day of wandering and needed a sheltered place to rest.

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